Oui oui OK voila

"Let's keep in touch!
- OK, do you have like a, a blog?
- Oh yes yes yes, I do, I... well. er..."

This conversation has been taking place a lot lately. And I skirt the embarrassment by saying that I prefer to communicate with people directly, by writing or e-mail, rather than spray the world indiscriminately by way of "The Blog".

It's a half-truth, no a quarter-truth, firstly because there are many people I would love to keep in the loop whom I don't, or at least not as regularly as I woud want, and segundo because I actually do enjoy blogging. I'm just a lazy bum. and third, i just haven't been writing so many postcards of late.

Just so you know then: I am doing great!

So here I am, in Tirana, which is the capital city of Albania, sleeping at a hostel whose name means "ants" according to a man I've met in the street today, and I just got an e-mail from Papa and Mom both asking for, well, news! Fair enough, it's been quite a few days and Samuel, who does take his blogging seriously, is not with me anymore.

Julius is in France, he's been sitting the CAPES, fingers crossed.

We've allocated our time in Tirana a bit differently: he spending time at the Goethe Institut poring over thick, dusty manuals of paleo-germanistik (and having a blast) and staying at the Backpacker's Hostel where you can't stretch a leg without poking a musician in the ass, Me playing house at cutey-cosy Milingona Hostel with its terrace and its dog, getting drunk, chatting away the days around a game of Uno, just doing a lot of relaxing nothing.




La version courte: Je vais tres bien.

Je suis sur le point de quitter Tirana, Julius arrive ce soir a 23h, demain je vais participer a une journee de nettoyage de la plage de Rodon Cape, et enfin dimanche je reprends la route en vrai.

Direction: euh... Athenes? plus ou moins. Je ne suis pas trop a jour concernant mes propres plans, j'ai laisse filer le temps un peu tranquillement, il faut dire que j'ai rencontre beaucoup de gens, commence a lire A People's History of the US (merci Marie!), euh, bu beaucoup de raki. Je suis confiant. Mon velo est presque repare.

Ca me manquait un peu de me "poser", de passer du temps sans mon velo (va visiter une petite ville medievale toute choute pleine d'escaliers qui se tortillent en poussant un gros velo plein de sacs. c'est juste un exemple), de boire, de fumer, de frequenter les memes personnes pendant plus d'un ou deux jours! et d'avoir du temps pour moi.

Bruxelles me manque, Sahurs me manque, et je vous embrasse tous tres fort!


mention speciale a mes poulpes favoris - Rache et Chuba : donnez moi une fois de vos nouvelles, par toutes les pizzas de la galaxie

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    yves (vendredi, 30 novembre 2012 18:43)

    Thanks for the news Matthieu... So you say there are no definite plans so far: do you still plan to reach Greece though? Or cycle past (the world is round)? Anyway take care, and lots of love to both of you!