Hey Millou

So this was my second day biking just on my own since we decided to split in Sarander. 

I had a nice way out of Albania and crossed the boarder to Greeeeeeeeeeeeece at about 11 am. Then I made my way to Igoumenitsa though I didn't have a map of Greece, which I then bought there. After Igoumenitsa I had the coastroad just for my own apart from a couple of very stupid dogs. The weather was less bad than predicted and I managed to hide from the rain pretty well except one time when it hit me right away in a long downhill road with absolutely no possibility to hide. Arriving totally wet in the next village I decided to start looking for a place to stay and guess who I met there? Ian. The Southafrican guy Sam had met a couple of weeks ago. Together we managed to find an empty house that was being renovated and it turned out to be a very good idea considering the heavy rain during the night.

Today I went on and had a couple of very tough climbs, which would always end with amazing views. Even the bigger roads turn out to be totally empty here at this time of the year which makes it a real pleasure to ride. Well, there is also the quality of the roads that can be considered to be a major change since I left Albania. Yeah, another less pleasant change is that my coffee would now be more than twice as expensive as in Albania...argh.
At 3 pm (actually 4 pm Greek time) I started looking for a place to spend the night at. Expecting rain again I asked at a restaurant if they would let me sleep under their porch. They were ok with it but just after my cold shower in their sunny garden they offered me to let me sleep in one of the rooms they would rent during the summer (because of the rain and the loose dogs, they said). So, here I am. Again, in a nice room with bath and kitchen, not even 30 meters away from the sea, and all this for free.
From here I should reach Patra very easily in two days where I have a couch surfing waiting for me.

I hope that you are doing fine on your road with USS Capriciosa which will finally see Greece after a hundred broken spokes and at least as many chain and tire problems.



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