Clefs au Patra

Dear Hottie,


Dogs, huh. How sweet. I'm sure you will end up understanding why it is that so many people love dogs. “Ya Lahk Dahgs?” those people.


So, haha! I'm in Πατρα, Patra, at our friend Vassilis's place!

Yes, I did it on purpose. I checked on your Couchsurfing profile. But what I didn't know was that I would be bumping into Elise. That's excellent. It's very representative of our world-savvy generation. We out there roamin', yo! Ain't no borders gonna stop us!

Especially in the EU. Yay! Nobel Peace & Love Prize.


OK I'm rambling now, or perhaps free-associating, which is a kind of meditative poetry slash neuron-friendly truth-seeking technique. The truth, if such a thing is within the reach of our consciousness, is in the non-quantitative, continuous texture of our consciousness. The quantification mania of our digital/neoliberal times is a kind of newspeak (only more insidious): a method for selectively narrowing our apprehension of reality in such a way as to make our collective consciousness unfit for resistance.


Travelling fluidifies the brains. Or liquefies?




I'm leaving Patra tomorrow after 3 nights in that cooool sofabed by the window, with Billy the Biker, Stavros “Steve Jobs” the Greek Geek and of course our friend the now famous Kindergarten Casanova. I made a laundry. I had veggie burgers. I found the Monde Diplomatique at a travellers' kiosk, after forgetting to copy the one brought by Elise. I got my chain changed Again, Again (after having it very uselessly changed Again by a deaf, parkinsonian mechanic in Vonitsa) and I'm quite a few Greek swear words richer!


These last few days have been rife with unlikely encounters, El Chino the Catalan Cook who walked the walk with the Indignados from Barça to Athens via Brussels before falling in love and settling down in Agrinio, his friends Eva and Ody the dog-loving anarcho-squatters, and just one sissy cyclist's day later (i.e. 40 km) Giorgos and Tassos the unrepentantly right-wing brothers who will take arms against Samaras and his posse of landless goons if they dare to set foot in their village! tells me the next few days will be cold 'n' sunny, and I should reach Athens in a breeze; pretty much right on time for Christmas. There, I will spend a few days ot weeks to discover the city and dance to live rebetiko with beautiful women until daybreak.


But I've realised I felt like having a stable rhythm and some comfort for a while. Nice website. (Recommended by Helene.) Lots of contacts for volunteering. I found this one place in Mount Paiko, north of Thessaloniki, which seems lovely and inch'allah, I'll be there in January! Crossafinga that it doesn't snow too much on the way.


I hope all is good for you, and you didn't get bitten by any of the dogs, yet. Gruess Bismarck und Elise von mir, und perrhapz vee'll zee ze three of you in AΘΗΝΑ!


with love. Millou

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    Millou (samedi, 22 décembre 2012 19:23)

    haha. sorry. not Samaras. I meant Tsipras. The Syriza boy.
    Pourriture communiste.

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    Tchip (vendredi, 28 décembre 2012 12:23)

    Gland velu!

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    Adrijana (lundi, 28 avril 2014 23:37)

    Hello Millou! Didn't know you were such a well written boy as you were a well spoken one. Some great entries here ***
    Best wishes ***