Crete calling

Yoyoyo pirate de la dromo!


What are you doing? Where are you and when will you come to Crete?


I'm back on the road again. I had not been on the bike for more than two hours when I bumped right into Alena and Marcel. Remember them? The swiss couple we met on Krk and then never saw again. Well they met Manu and Jonathan from Austria and spent some time riding with them. Tiny little cyclist world. Anyway, I was very happy to meet them and it turned out that we would take the same boat to Crete the next day. On Crete we took different directions but it was nice to have some time to meet them for real and it cheered me up a lot not to travel all alone for the first days after a month of rest. You would not imagine how well equiped they are. What do you mean, you don't know what a Steripen is??! Well you'd better check it out before dying a painful death being eaten up by the killer bacteria swimming on top of your drinking water.


After 7 hours on a boat and a first night on Crete I made my way to Xania where Stefanos hosted me during the week-end (warmshowers). I had a very nice time here and went out for a tour with the local cycling crew. After only 30 kilometers we had some tea and way too much of some raki-honey-mix (that's the greek way of cycling, man!).

Tomorrow I will go on towards Iraklio before making my way to the south coast of Crete. I also made big decisions. I will go to Turkey and to Constantinopoli (never tell a Greek that you are going to Istanbul!). Daniel and maybe Merle might come to see me around Izmir so this is going to be my general direction for the next month.


See you somewhere!



P.S. Et ta mémé elle est en réparation ?!!


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